Crystal Coast Disaster Coalition

Carteret, Craven, Jones, and Pamlico Counties
  • North Carolina

In March 2000, the Crystal Coast Disaster Coalition (CCDC), a multi-agency emergency planning organization representing Carteret, Craven, Jones, and Pamlico counties, was chartered. Agencies represented in the CCDC include the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Red Cross, Disaster Services, North Carolina Emergency Management area coordinators, Provost Marshal, US Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the National Weather Service, the Salvation Army, area hospitals, social services and health departments, and emergency management coordinators from each county. The mission of the CCDC is to provide a comprehensive disaster plan for mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery for citizens in the 4-county region.

CCDC meets monthly to address a wide variety of topics that include training, exercises, current and upcoming (pre-planned) events, and any issues and/or emergency situations that have occurred, and to continue to build working relationships throughout the 4 county regions. One of several initiatives targeting the special needs population included establishing a standardized method of registering the medical fragile community.

CCDC has been instrumental in coordinating training and exercise opportunities throughout the region; it has built working relationships and helps to eliminate turf issues. The coalition allows participants to be involved in all phases of planning and exercises, and helps to eliminate the duplication of services. In addition, CCDC allows all members of the local response and recovery organizations to gain a better working knowledge of resources available from each participating agency.