Preparedness Seminars for Special Medical Needs Registrants

Pitt County
  • North Carolina

In September 2008, the Pitt County Health Department partnered with local emergency management and the Medical Reserve Corps to provide education to individuals and caregivers on the special medical needs registry. Emergency management, who maintains the registry, mailed invitations to all of the 250 members and 62 people (members and caregivers) attended the 2 educational sessions.

The agenda included general personal preparedness planning, lessons learned from recent disasters, county-specific services (such as Reverse 9-1-1 and Vials of Life) and regulations (including prescription renewal laws during emergencies), and tips for developing and/or improving personal preparedness kits.
All attendees received educational material and free starter kits, which included duct tape, gloves, a small cinched bag for a change of clothes, flashlight, batteries, tarp, a zipper storage bag for copies of important documents, first aid kit, anti-bacterial solution, and a backpack.

The health department also put all of the educational materials on CDs that were mailed to interested individuals who could not attend the educational sessions.