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Based on your selected interests, the Guide provides resources to planners, preparedness coordinators, and other personnel interested in identifying, engaging, communicating with, and providing services to vulnerable and at-risk populations during emergency events and disasters. These tips and resources include examples of PowerPoint presentations, training templates, questionnaires, and other references to support your planning and preparedness activities.

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Developed by North Carolina Division of Public Health, "Planning for Disasters for Children with Special Needs". is a PowerPoint presentation outlines key components of disaster planning for children with special needs. [PPT]

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has developed the following checklist to help prison and jail systems to self-assess and improve their preparedness for responding to pandemic influenza. This checklist should be used as one tool in developing an overall pandemic influenza plan for correctional systems as well as individual facilities. Given the differences among systems, individual facilities should adapt this checklist to meet their unique needs. 

Case example by Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health partnered with the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) and the Georgia Division of Public Health to conduct exercises for medical directors, health service administrators and others in health leadership positions within Georgia Correctional Healthcare and GDC to address pandemic influenza preparedness in a prison setting. [Link]