Project Communications and Publications

In addition to traditional dissemination – presentations, papers, and other academic publications – the project offers this website to share the results, provide updates, and study-related information. The website allows the project team to document and disseminate the findings of the research and evaluation to help strengthen and improve practice, as well as improve the applied research outcome in practice. NCPERRC has been successful in disseminating project findings and outcomes through research briefs, online dissemination (website postings), as well as through national conference presentations and coordination with project partners and affiliates.

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Christine A. Bevc, Matthew C. Simon, Tanya Montoya, and Jennifer A. Horney. “Institutional Facilitators and Barriers to Local Public Health Preparedness Planning for Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations.” Forthcoming in Public Health Reports.

Research Briefs


  • Christine A. Bevc, Matthew C. Simon, Tanya Montoya, Jennifer A. Horney. 2013. “Institutional Impediments: An Evaluation of Local Planning Practices for Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations.” Annual Researchers Meeting of the International Research Committee on Disasters (RC-39), Broomfield, CO, July 16-17.
  • Christine A. Bevc and Jennifer A. Horney. 2013. “Demonstrating the Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations Resource Guide.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Social Vulnerability Workshop, Atlanta, GA, July 11.
  • Christine A. Bevc, Jennifer A. Horney, Pia D. MacDonald. 2012. “Integrating Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations into Public Health Preparedness Planning.” Oral presentation at the Public Health Preparedness Summit, Anaheim, CA, February 21–24.


Related Presentations and Publications

In addition to project-related presentations and dissemination activities, the working closely with our project partners and affiliates to coordinate and communicate the continued translation of this research in practice. Here are some of the related publications, presentations, and other communication activities of our partners.

For additional information, copies of papers or presentations, or other inquiries, please contact us.