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Vulnerable & At-Risk Populations Resource Guide assists state and local public health agencies, emergency management, hospitals, and other agencies with improved, local mapping options (custom mapping available). Direct links to population and partner-specific resources and tools are selected to help improve partnerships and planning for the “whole community.”

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Recent Resources


Provides improved access to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) topics and publications about responder safety and health, natural disasters and hazards, and NIOSH disaster response efforts as well as links to related NIOSH programs.

Rural Communicating Resources Toolkit provides a POD Signage Guide for low literacy or limited English populations. Link directly to a PDF for suggestions on using signs in a Point of Dispensing (POD) site and/or clinic to increase the ability to move people quickly and efficiently.

The Cambridge (MA) Advanced Practice Center for Emergency Preparedness developed a series of pictograms in collaboration with local and state public health professionals, and experts in universal design. It is available in English and Spanish, as well as 13 other languages.

Developed by North Carolina Division of Public Health, “Emergency Care Plans for Children with Special Needs” is a PowerPoint presentation for emergency care providers in North Carolina to consider special needs of children. [PPT]

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View vulnerability data, more accurately.

Maps & Data options allow you to select from view multiple levels. Each level offers recalcuated SVI measures, adapted to your selected area, to help you better plan for your “whole community.” The different levels allow you to view SVI measures relative to your planning area to see how vulnerability varies across the area. Services available to state and local agencies.

Better Outreach. Better Preparedness.
Effective public health outreach and emergency preparedness efforts begin with an informed, evidence-based strategy built around reliable data.

Get Covered.

Services are also available for state and local agencies to expand Map & Data coverage to your area.

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Local Customized Data
Site users get location-specific lists of resources and jurisdictional maps, as well as lessons learned from other communities. Fee-based services are also available for state and local agencies to assist local planning and preparedness efforts.
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