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This page enables you to explore the many different kinds of demographic data available, exploring via map and data table to see the vulnerability of populations in a selected area. Start by choosing where your search will take place (five states currently included in this pilot project), and then move through the variables to view maps and data about the populations living in your selected area.

To create your map, use the drop down menu to narrow your search by selecting a location to explore.

Choose a state >> Choose an Area >> Choose a Place

Use the drop down menu beneath to select the level or variable of vulnerability to view. To scroll down the list, simply click on the list and hold your mouse button to slide it up or down. You can view the level of vulnerability for each census tract in the map by hovering over the tract. Alternatively, you can view a table of the data by clicking on the Data tab located at the top of the map area.

Don’t see your state?

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  BONUS >> After you’ve created your map and selected your vulnerability domain or variable, you can view a list of matching Resources by clicking on the tab.

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